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  1. Do Dog Walkers need insurance?

    Your job may literally be a walk in the park, but like other pet care services, dog walking can be more risky than it appears. For one thing, you’re in charge of someone’s beloved friend or as they see it, their “baby” and that’s a big responsibility. You can’t control everything that happens on the street, […]

  2. New Technology, Old Laws. You Still Need To Be Insured

    Prepare for the best expect the worst. A few words carry that condensed wisdom that you need to take into account, especially when you are running a successful business. Disaster could strike at any moment and force you to shut your doors, fire employees and loos years of your life’s-work. When the going gets tough, […]

  3. More Rain. How is the US Open Protected?

    Weather in Flushing determines whether we’ll be enjoying a pleasant afternoon of matches or reliving a tennis nightmare. Once again we find ourselves waiting for The Match to begin, looking at the scattered clouds as they give us a slim chance to see Federer win its 6th US Open Title 

  4. 9 Types of insurance you might need for your business

    If you own a business, you have a lot to protect – your income, your employees, and your customers. While only some types of insurance are legally mandatory, most smart business owners find that they need more than one type of coverage to have peace of mind.

  5. How does rain affect your US Open tickets?

    Rain at the US Open is an annoyance to players, fans and the organizers.  But what’s more, it can also be a financial loss for you – the ticket-holder. What happens if you bought tickets and the game gets cancelled?

  6. The time is now | Think about the right business insurance

    Many entrepreneurs know (or learn the hard way) that in order to start a business, they need three things: an idea, money, and protection. Small business insurance falls into the third category – protection – and helps business owners avoid losing everything they build with the first two.