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  1. Halloween at Work. Make sure you’re covered.

    Whether you hate them or love them, you have to agree – Halloween at work can be a scary proposition if you run your own business.  While encouraging your employees to dress in costume or hosting a Halloween party can be morale-boosters, don’t forget that all this merriment also has the potential to backfire on […]

  2. 8 Factors that Impact the Cost of Small Business Insurance

    Although many small business owners grumble about the cost of small business insurance, few actually know how the cost is determined. There is a range of factors that affect how much companies pay.

  3. 6 key questions to make sure your restaurant is protected

    No matter what type of restaurant you run, there are 6 questions that determine what kind of insurance you need.

  4. It could happen in your restaurant: Bouchard’s slip and fall

    The 21-year-old Canadian, ranked top 30 in the world, slipped in her locker room at the US Open this year and missed the tournament because of the injury.

  5. Coffee shops: 5 key risks and the insurance to cover them

    If you run a coffee shop, there are a bunch of risks you face that you might not even know about. Recognizing them and getting the right insurance is key to keep your shop brewing.

  6. 5 Rules for Avoiding a Cyber Liability Nightmare

    Almost two years ago, the country was rocked by the Target data breach. Since then tens of companies and even the federal government have been hacked, making the fear of a data breach ever more pressing for businesses, big and small, public and private.  Luckily, there are at least five things you can do to […]

  7. Hurricane Joaquin Is Coming: Does your business insurance cover you?

    “Joaquin has strengthened into a hurricane and while there is still much uncertainty in its path, people along the U.S. East Coast should monitor the National Hurricane Center and local NWS [National Weather Service] forecast offices, as well as local media, for the latest updates and be sure to have a plan in place should […]