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  1. 3 Tips to Protect Your Business From a Natural Disaster

    It’s no secret that we all have a love / hate relationship with Mother Nature. Our feelings change depending on the conditions, the day, and the way we’re feeling. However, there is something that everyone can agree on: A natural disaster could threaten the livelihood of a business. From tornadoes to hurricanes to fires, there […]

  2. 5 Types of Insurance That Would Come in Handy on Game of Thrones

    A lot of folks in the CoverWallet office are excited for the sixth season of Game of Thrones to premiere this Sunday. This got us thinking, what if each of the Kingdoms in Westeros was a small business? Well, the first thing these characters would need is more appropriate work outfits, less weaponry, followed by […]

  3. 6 Celebs That Love Insurance

    When most of us think about starting and insuring a business, we’re thinking about our employees, our property, and even our data. However, many celebrities are taking insurance one step further, because their body is their business, and therefore it must be protected.

  4. What is a Dram Shop?

    If you’re a bar or restaurant owner, you’re privy to the term dram shop, but if you’re just thinking about starting up a business that serves libations, you may have never heard this term before. A dram shop simply refers to an establishment that sells or serves alcohol. As most alcohol-serving companies know, many things […]