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  1. Introducing CoverWallet’s New Partner Program!

    CoverWallet is excited to announce that we have finally launched a formal Partnership Program! There has never been a better time to become a partner, joining the leading online insurance platform, to provide a unique value-add to your customers and an additional revenue stream for you. When you partner with CoverWallet, we promise a dedicated […]

  2. How to Increase Revenue in your Cleaning Services Company

    (This is a sponsored post provided by Mike Brown, CEO of Swept) If you’re running a small to medium size commercial cleaning company, you’re likely juggling many tasks on a daily basis. I know this because I ran a janitorial business myself, before founding Swept, a technology company that helps owners of commercial cleaning companies keep […]

  3. 2018 – Important Regulatory Issues for Small Business

    Regulatory issues facing small business are ever changing and never as simple to understand as our lawmakers intend them to be. Small business owners are constantly juggling different priorities and it can be an almost sisyphean task to keep track of proposed new regulatory changes that impact their particular industries. CoverWallet, a platform that helps […]

  4. Corporation or LLC? Which is Best Suitable For Your Business?

      When you are thinking to incorporate, you may find yourself wondering which business type to choose. Someone may tell you that “Corporations are too complex. Just form an LLC.” or the other ones may tell you that  “Don’t form an LLC. Form a corporation.” With this confusion going in your head, you may need […]

  5. Improving Your Working Capital Through Financing

    In today’s economy, your business needs nurturing and attention with sufficient cash flow to continue grow. In addition, you need consistent working capital to pay your ongoing expenses. Working capital, which is current assets minus current liabilities, needs to be positive or your business can be in serious trouble. A negative working capital is an […]