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  1. Overcoming Objections: “I Already Have a Professional Cleaning Company”

    If you’ve owned a professional cleaning company for a while, you’ve probably heard the same objection from prospective clients dozens, if not hundreds, of times. By now, you should expect it. Unless your professional cleaning company offers something new and revolutionary, chances are your prospective client will pass on your service and let you know […]

  2. Easy Ways to Find Relevant Hashtag Suggestions for your Business

    A hashtag is a type of metadata tag primarily used on social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Similar to how Search Engine Optimization can improve with the help of keywords, hashtags allow users to easily find contents relevant to a certain product or service. By simply using the pound sign (#) in […]

  3. Tips to Write Better Cleaning Business Contracts

    You have a commercial cleaning business – you’ve done an excellent job in finding clients and getting them to work with you, and now you want to scale up your business and add to your client base. You now need to submit commercial cleaning proposals to clients, and if you really want to make sure […]

  4. How to Market a Consulting Firm and Get More Clients

    If there is one big advantage to working in the same industry for many years, it is gaining a great amount of knowledge and incomparable experience. Through years of hard work, various situations, and diverse circumstances you have become a well-trained expert with paramount understanding and proficiency in how the trade works. Consulting service businesses […]

  5. Safety Tips for Truck Drivers to Reduce Road Accidents

    When it comes to the trucking industry, the timing and delivery of goods matters. You need to follow strict schedules while making sure that products are kept safe during road transit. But accidents do happen and no one can predict the severity nor the timing of these unexpected situations. Especially on the road, it is […]

  6. CoverWallet Named a CNBC Upstart 100!

    Exciting news! Today CoverWallet was named to the Upstart 100 list by CNBC, which recognizes the most promising startups around the world breaking industry barriers on the path to becoming tomorrow’s household names. The list features companies from nearly every sector, including fintech, health tech, cybersecurity, consumer products, music, food, and, more, and companies were […]

  7. Free Tools Your Small Business Should Be Using Today

    Startup costs, permits and licenses, inventory, employee wages, lease, construction materials, the list goes on. Running a small business can be a pricey proposition. Depending on the industry, your ROI or return on investment can take months up to several years before it materializes. And with bills starting to pile up, small business owners can’t […]

  8. Creating a Welcome Email Template for New Customer that Stands out

    Sending a welcome email sets the foundation for the rest of your communications with your customers. This could be a subscription confirmation or a post-purchase email, but in either case, your email is one of your most important email marketing tools. Company welcome emails have a massive open rate and conversion rate compared to promotional […]

  9. Only 4% of businesses in Puerto Rico were fully covered for Hurricane Maria damages

    Businesses need to prepare for the worst and make sure to get the right insurance coverage in place It’s been a little over a year since catastrophic storm Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico. As one of the most intense storms to ever strike the area, it had a devastating impact across the island that […]

  10. Recruiting Next-Generation Apprentices and Workers in the contractor industry

    Many of the vocations that were common trades in years past have lost some of their luster with younger workers. Just go outside and you’ll see the ideal jobs portrayed by the mass media and advertisements – lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, athletes, developers, the list goes on. Today’s youth often favors these paths, leaving many traditional […]