4 Types of Insurance to Protect Your Business From Beyonce

Vantage Points

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last week, you know that Beyonce took the internet by storm by dropping a visual record entitled Lemonade.

Hashtags were flying, it was hard to ignore. So, the CoverWallet team gave in. We watched Beyonce’s visual masterpiece. It made us feel things, real things and it made us think things, risk management things because let’s be real, we’re insurance people, and that’s what we do.

Really, what would you do if Beyonce was your employee? How could you possibly protect yourself and your business from all of that fierceness?

Great question. We’re glad to see you’ve been thinking just like us all along. In the interest of protecting your business, we put together this list of the fiercest insurance types out there. So without further ado, we give you 4 types of insurance to protect yourself from Beyonce:

4. Inland Marine

When Beyonce first told us, she had “hot sauce in her bag (swag)” we all immediately thought condiment. We couldn’t have been more wrong. On closer examination, Lemonade revealed otherwise. Hot Sauce is actually a baseball bat that she uses to break a camera.

Vantage Points (1)SOURCE: HBO

There’s a lesson in all of this: 1) Don’t always trust that your employees are talking condiments when it comes to swag. 2) Get Inland Marine Insurance. It’ll protect your most expensive equipment that’s moved or moving.

3. Commercial Property Insurance

Hot Sauce caused a little more damage than just a few broken cameras; Beyonce also used Hot Sauce to damage the outside of a local business. With that being said, we think you’ll need Commercial Property Insurance to cover more than a smashed window, as Beyonce lights everything on fire in Lemonade.

Vantage Points (2)SOURCE: Tidal

She walks down the street? FIRE. She walks through a hallway? FIRE. She stands outside of a building? FIRE. There’s pretty much no arguing with this one.  If you want to protect your business from Beyonce you need to get yourself some Commercial Property Insurance and make sure it explicitly states protection from, yep, you guessed it, FIRE.

Not to mention all of the natural disasters she seemed to inspire. Floods to tornadoes, Beyonce rules Mother Nature.

2. Commercial Auto Insurance

We’re pretty sure that Beyonce doesn’t own that school bus or that monster truck. What if she borrowed them from her place of employment? You know, to pick up some milk.

Vantage Points (3)SOURCE: GIPHY

The scene where she destroys an entire row of vehicles? You better hope you’ve got a Commercial Auto Insurance plan to deal with Beyonce, should she borrow your monster truck.

1. Umbrella Liability

Let’s be honest, all of Beyonce’s offenses can’t possibly be covered by your standard plan. Umbrella Liability has you covered for Beyonce-related offenses not completely covered in your General Liability plan.

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SOURCE: Beyonce Instagram

We’re sure that you don’t have an employee with such a dominating, diva persona–but if you do, better get yourself protected. 

You remember that old saying, right? If life hands you lemons, the right insurance will help you make Lemonade.