5 Presidents and Vice Presidents Who Worked in Insurance

5 Presidents and Vice Presidents Who

It’s official; we have our presidential nominations locked in. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will go head-to-head in the race to become the next President of the United States, in an election that will surely be both dramatic and historic.

We thought the best way to go into election season was to shout out to some of our past presidents and vice presidents, who worked in insurance before or after their stint in the White House. One, because it’s fun and two because it’s history.

Ready? Let’s go:

Grover Cleveland

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Grover Cleveland served as both the 22nd and 24th POTUS. After his presidency, Cleveland was the Chairman of the Association of Life Insurance Presidents. In his obituary, Cleveland is praised for his “contribution to the preservation and elevation of the business of life insurance.”

Warren G. Harding

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After his graduation from Ohio Central College, Warren G. Harding briefly worked as an insurance salesman. He would later change careers and purchase the Marion Daily Star, an Ohio newspaper. In 1921, Warren G. Harding would be sworn into office as the 29th President of the United States.

Calvin Coolidge

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Calvin Coolidge took over the presidency of Warren G. Harding, who died in office after having Cerebral Hemorrhage, in 1923. Coolidge was a popular president who is said to have “embodied the spirit and hopes of the middle class.” He served as president until 1929. After his presidency, Coolidge would accept a position as the Director of New York Life Insurance, in April of that same year.

John C. Breckinridge

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John C. Breckinridge served as the Vice President of the United States under President James Buchanan. After his run in the White House was over, many insurance companies in the south wanted him to join them. In 1868, Breckinridge would become manager of the Kentucky branch of Virginians Piedmont Life Insurance Company.

Spiro Agnew

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Agnew worked as an insurance salesman and grocer while taking night classes at the University of Baltimore School of Law, before becoming Vice President to Richard Nixon in 1969. Given how that turned out, he may have been in a better spot if he had stuck to insurance but we digress.

Aside from all the insurance talk, our past presidents are really interesting. We can’t think of a better time, than an election year, for you to revisit the history of this fine country. Who knows, you might unearth some more insurance facts along the way.

At any rate, we hope you enjoyed this history lesson. Now go forth and learn. Oh, and make sure you vote this election year! 




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