5 Types of Insurance That Would Come in Handy on Game of Thrones

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A lot of folks in the CoverWallet office are excited for the sixth season of Game of Thrones to premiere this Sunday. This got us thinking, what if each of the Kingdoms in Westeros was a small business?

Well, the first thing these characters would need is more appropriate work outfits, less weaponry, followed by a boatload of insurance.We’re excited to see what happens next, but so far we can tell that these characters would need the following insurance types to survive if their kingdoms were small businesses in today’s time:

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EPLI: From Khaleesi’s brother getting…um…a little too close for comfort to Arya’s “Kill List” it’s pretty clear that characters could use insurance to protect them from things like sexual harassment and retaliation.

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Employee Dishonesty: The Game of Thrones characters aren’t the most honest folks out there. We’re sure a lot of them would have a hard time getting a job in today’s world. We’re thinking of Arya Stark, in Season 5 when she stole from the Many-Face God. Her punishment? Eternal blindness. Perhaps, a little Employee Dishonesty Insurance could have covered the loss instead? It wouldn’t have made for great TV, but it would have been a more humane way of dealing with things.

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Health Insurance: Let’s go back to season 1 episode one when Jamie throws Bran off of the tower after Bran catches Jamie and his twin sister, Queen Cersei, participating in some pretty saucy acts. Bran is then cared for in his home and not at the hospital. Alright, alright we know that there weren’t hospitals in the period where Game of Thrones takes place, but if there were Bran would have been in much better shape!

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Directors and Officers Insurance: Some pretty questionable decisions are being made by high-powered individuals. What about Joffrey? A cruel ruler, who treats his employees and family with reckless abandon. Considered to be a bit mad, Joffrey is definitely our #1 pick for Directors and Officers Insurance, as he’d most definitely get sued in our world.

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Crime Insurance: This is a given. Daenarys’ stolen dragons in season 2 would be a great example, but, really, characters are swiping other people’s possessions left and right on this show.

BONUS ROUND: We know we said five, but DRAGONS, which might be the biggest liability yet.

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Nothing a little Commercial Property Insurance can’t take care of.

From retaliation to inappropriate touching, it’s clear that the characters on the hit series could use some insurance. Maybe some of our favorite characters would still be with us today!

In all seriousness, the CoverWallet team is excited for the new season to start. Of course, we know if the show were about small business insurance it wouldn’t hold a candle to all of the interesting, violent and crazy things that happen on the show, but we’re total insurance nerds. We can’t help it, okay?

Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments below.

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