6 Celebs That Love Insurance

6 Celebs that Love Insurance

When most of us think about starting and insuring a business, we’re thinking about our employees, our property, and even our data. However, many celebrities are taking insurance one step further, because their body is their business, and therefore it must be protected.That’s right, from legs to tongues and even butts, celebrities are insuring their prized body parts, and they’re smart to do it. While it actually exists as a specific form of Disability Insurance you can think of it as Business Interruption/Income Insurance for the body. In other words, if something stops you from collecting cash, insurance is the best route for making up for loss of income should something go terribly wrong.

So, which celebrities are playing it extra safe by adding insurance to their glam squad? Starting from the top:

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, known for playing lead roles in big pictures, such as Pretty Woman, is also known for her perfect smile. Well, her smile is even more well known now that it’s insured for a cool $30 million.

Bruce Springsteen

American singer/songwriter, Bruce Springsteen, insured his rockstar voice for $6million. Tramps like us? Baby, we were born to insure.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus came in like a Wrecking Ball when she decided her most prized body part was ready for $1million worth of insurance. That body part? Her tongue, of course.

Dolly Parton

Perhaps one of the first to exercise her right to insure was Ms. Dolly Parton, country singer extraordinaire. Perhaps the most notable female country artist, Parton chose not to insure her famous voice. Instead, she insured her breasts for just $600,000. Maybe it’s time to increase that policy, Ms. Parton?

Jennifer Lopez

It was hard not to be fooled by the rocks that Jennifer Lopez got when she decided to insure her famous booty for $27million. We don’t know who you’re trying to fool J-Lo, but we’re not entirely convinced that you’re just Jenny from the block.

Taylor Swift
Nowadays, everyone knows Taylor Swift, but what many don’t know is that she insured her legs for $40million. It must seem like a small price tag to someone who is worth upwards of $240million.

Others, such as soccer star, David Beckham, and model, Heidi Klum are also among the rich and famous who have chosen to get themselves protected or at least parts of themselves. Who or what will be next? Only time will tell. Our biggest takeaway? Celebrities love insurance. Almost as much as us. Almost.

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