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  1. Essential Tips When Writing A Business Plan for Small Business

    A business plan is essential for every business and contains pertinent information about your business, such as its mission and objectives, sales and marketing plans, financial goals, as well as profit and loss statements. Regardless of industry, all businesses start with an idea, and a business plan turns that idea into a viable and sustainable […]

  2. Tips for Prepping Your Business for a Hurricane

    Every year, there are devastating stories about the impact of hurricanes on small businesses. Whether it’s losses due to closing for an extended period of time, food spoilage costs at restaurants that lost electricity, or damage to inventory at retailers, the impact that major storms have on the local economy can be staggering. Ahead of […]

  3. How to Create the Best Employee Handbook for Your Business

    Creating an employee handbook for the first time can be a daunting and tedious task. Just the thought of writing an innumerable number of words to explain everything about your trade and your specific business is, without a doubt, tiring. Compared to start-up and small-scale companies, established corporations almost always have handbooks readily printed to […]

  4. Effective Interview Questions to Ask Candidates for Hiring Your Team

    Whether you have a new business and are planning to build a team of amazing individuals or are hiring due to company growth and natural employee attrition, it’s important to have an effective interview process. The interview plays an integral role in every recruitment process, as it serves as confirmation of whether or not the […]

  5. How to Start a Successful Restaurant

    Regardless of industry, in business, there are always two types of stories – successes and failures. You’ve seen a restaurant startup suddenly gaining popularity and instant success while others shut down before their first anniversary. Opening a restaurant isn’t as easy as ordering a take-out meal at McDonald’s, it involves a huge amount of work, […]

  6. Online Payment Methods: Taking Mobile Payments with Less Risk

    While cash used to be the dominant form of currency, over the years things have changed tremendously. Gone are the days of paper currency. While cash isn’t dead yet, younger generations don’t use it as much as older ones. In fact, one in four millennials carries less than $5 in his or her pockets. For […]

  7. Famous branding mistakes: what NOT to do when branding

    Branding is important in every business. It gives your company a unique identity that sets your trade apart from the others. With tons of businesses offering the same kind of products and services, branding makes your company stand out from the crowd. And as a small business, it is imperative that your brand marketing is […]

  8. 5 Tips to Get Your Trucking Business Rolling

    The trucking business is indeed a big industry. However, this doesn’t mean that venturing into the trade and starting a trucking company will guarantee you instant success. Making your dream of an unlimited cash flow and a booming business come true is not without fierce competition and challenging situations. Bidding for new work and entering […]

  9. Grand Opening Ideas for Your Small Business

    So you’ve successfully set up your business and everything’s in place, from securing the right permits to furnishing the perfect location. And now comes the highly awaited and most exciting part of owning a business – the opening day. But before you open your doors to the public, be sure to strategize to make a […]

  10. Best Time-Saving Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs

    For most entrepreneurs, success is defined by how fast your business grows. But one of the biggest challenges is finding time to get everything done. Business owners often wear several hats, rolling up their sleeves to do whatever needs to be done, whether it be managing employees or selling the product or service. Time is […]