Hey, It’s Our Birthday

HeyIt's our birthday


Big news: It’s our first birthday! Of course, a birthday can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different companies, but at CoverWallet, we decided to celebrate our first birthday on the day we were incorporated.

Taking on a nimble approach, in the last year, we’ve been able to launch and build the first online insurance manager. From there, we’ve started partnering with some of the greatest minds in insurance, as well as consumers who need insurance, to build something that makes insurance work for everyone.

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Since last September, our team has more than quadrupled and has helped us create a better product with better design and content, build our brand and an infectious internal culture.

However, what we might be more excited about is how much has changed within the insurance industry in the last year. When we first entered the space, insurtech wasn’t the hottest topic out there. Virtually no one was talking about insurance, outside of healthcare, especially when it came to business insurance.

Now, fast-forward to one year later and insurance tech is one of the hottest topics out there and more people are talking about the need to innovate for small businesses. We’re also seeing more insurance-focused startups enter the arena than ever before. These startups are focused on a wide-range of gaps including awareness, distribution, online insurance management, and data.

What’s more is that we’ve also felt a real shift from carriers, who have begun to understand the need for innovation. More carriers are working with startups to innovate within their own walls than ever before to improve the customer experience and to gain the ability to service smaller customers, as well as their larger ones.

Carriers and startups are starting to come together to make the insurance industry tick the way the rest of the world does: with ease, using technology to create a better experience for carriers, brokers and most importantly the customer.

Given all of the innovation that has already happened in the last 12 months, we’re excited to see what the next 12 months have in store. But for tonight? We’re going to drink to all of our successes in a changing industry and maybe (read: definitely) eat some cake.

Psst: Want to be apart of it? We’re hiring.