Client Q+A With Homer Logistics

Client Q&A With Homer Logistics

It’s no secret that at CoverWallet, we love our clients. We work hard to make the experience of getting insurance as seamless as it can be. We wanted to share a story with you, with one of our less traditional clients, Homer Logistics.
So, we sat down with Marisa Smith the Director of Operations for the company, so we could tell their insurance story.

Read on to learn more about Homer Logistics and to read their insurance story.

Q: What does Homer Logistics do?

A: Homer is an urban logistics company that focuses on areas with large demands for delivered items, and then uses software to make the delivery fulfillment as efficient as possible. Through advanced order assignment methods, Homer provides delivery solutions that are both faster and cheaper than the current methods available ranging from FedEx to Amazon to Postmates.

Q: What risks come with your business?

A: For Homer, the city is our workplace, so there’s a lot of exposure to risk. This is especially for our delivery personnel, who ride bicycles on busy streets in all weather and spend the majority of their time indoors in buildings and spaces that are maintained by other people. We provide all of the equipment and have the best trained fleet of couriers in NYC (thanks to their W2 status), but there are always things outside of our control.

Q: What were your challenges with getting insurance?

A: We’re doing things differently. While most of the players in the space are built on the backs of contractors, we are committed to protecting our workforce and contributing to the social safety net by making them full employees. The result has been that there aren’t a lot of comparables when it comes to worker’s compensation insurance and EPLI, which has made it difficult for carriers know what kind of risk they’re taking on by insuring us.

Q: What was your experience like trying to get insurance?

A: When I first began exploring our insurance options, I was overwhelmed by the jargon and struggling to figure out how to compare the different options. Did paying more get me more? It was hard to tell in some cases.

Homer also has an unconventional business model, which when coupled with our limited operating history, seemed to baffle brokers. I was struggling to tell our story in a way that the carriers would be able to understand.

Q: How was CoverWallet helpful in getting you insurance?

A: One of your brokers audited our existing coverage to help me understand where we were starting from. He was willing to explain all of the details. It was like Business Insurance 101, which made me feel more confident as I assessed the quotes he later presented. It was a seamless process, that took place mostly online, which made it easy for me to handle in the midst of my otherwise very busy schedule.

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