Fun in the Sun: Tips for a Risk-Free Summer Company Outing

Fun in the Sun- Tips for a Risk-Free Summer Company Outing

Summer is one of the most popular times to host a company outing, and why wouldn’t it be? Employees are happier; the grill is hot, and the weather is beautiful. To truly enjoy these summer outings and keep your employees and business safe, a business has to be prepared for mishaps that can occur at a company outing.

To help your business achieve optimal conditions for fun in the sun, we put together a list of tips for a risk-free summer company outing to help you out:

Take mom’s advice:


Think back to being a kid. You remember your mom reminding you over and over again to stay hydrated and slather on the sunscreen, don’t you? Welp turns out she wasn’t wrong. Remind your employees to do the same. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to bring some extra sunscreen and water bottles, in case your employees forget (which, they probably will).

Winning isn’t everything:


For a lot of companies, the summertime means sports leagues and field days. Sports are a great way for employees to bond, but they can also come with injuries. Make sure to remind your employees to enjoy their company-related sports activities with safety in mind. The last thing you need is an injured employee unable to work because the boss told them to slide into home plate.

Cut ‘em off:


Alcohol is commonly served at company events. Who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer day? The best advice we can give related to alcohol is to cut off the booze after a few rounds and serve food. Over intoxicated employees can cause big problems for employers by way of inappropriate behavior.

Reach out:


If you have any concerns about a company outing you’re hosting, it is a good idea to reach out to your insurance agent, so that you may understand your risks, know what you’re covered for, and get additional coverage if need be.

Most Importantly, Have Fun:


Don’t worry, we love fun, too. In fact, risk-free summer fun is our favorite kind.

Being diligent and thinking ahead means that you can enjoy your company outing as much as your employees. Now go ahead with your bad self and start planning the best (and safest) summer company outing ever.


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