Small Business Insurance Q&A – Unique Flavors Jah-Merican Sauces

Sauce Insurance

At CoverWallet, we’re continuously learning and improving upon what is established, similar to the many entrepreneurs and small business owners we work with. One of the ways we do this is through highlighting the insights and experiences of our own clients.

Ultimately learning from these entrepreneurs helps us out at CoverWallet, but it also can help out all business owners by helping them understand, through the experience of other people, the importance of insurance in business.

We had the privilege of speaking with Oral Thompson, owner of Unique Flavors Jah-Merican Sauces, to talk about his company and their insurance experience with CoverWallet.

CW: Tell us about Unique Flavors Jah-Merican Sauces. How is it unique?

OT: My sauces are unique because of the flavors and spices that are combined together.

CW: What drove you to start your business?

OT: What drove me to start my business was the opportunity in the United States that I didn’t have in Jamaica.

CW: What risks or situations does your business face that caused you to look for insurance?

OT: Throughout business situations in dealing with food, I have to be the type of person that just does things one time and gets it right. With that being said, I strongly recommend getting insurance for your business.

CW: How did you find CoverWallet?

OT: I found CoverWallet by doing my research. CoverWallet is very helpful and I strongly recommend them to everyone.  

CW: Does your business have certain partnerships or situations in which you need Certificates of Insurance?

OT: I own 100% of the business but it does require Certificates of Insurance.

CW: Do you see upcoming changes to your business or new growth scenarios that will change your coverage needs?

OT: As of this moment, I don’t see any changes in the business, but there will in the future.

CW: What advice would you give to other businesses looking for insurance?

OT: My advice to small businesses is to just do it one time and get it right: Do your research before making a decision on which insurance you select so that you get the best coverage that fits your business.

We’re thankful for customers like Oral Thompson and the time they spend sharing their experiences with us as we continually improve on what we’re doing here at CoverWallet.