Keeping your office holiday party on the nice list

It’s ugly sweater season; time to break out the eggnog and get ready for the office holiday party. A staple of offices around the world, these events are fun and beneficial for employees and employers alike.

The office holiday party boosts morale, helps to develop bonds, and bolsters the team environment. These events are great for the whole company, unless the guests get too merry. Companies can find themselves liable for the actions of their employees during and after special events. By planning ahead businesses can protect themselves with One Day Event Liability Insurance.

The Marriott Del Mar Hotel in San Diego found this out the hard way when a lawsuit was brought against them earlier this year. One of the Marriott employees drove home drunk after a holiday party and was deemed responsible for a fatal crash. Host Liquor Liability meant that the Marriott could be held responsible, at least in part for his actions, and they had a lawsuit brought against them.

How can workplaces protect themselves from liquor liability?

  1. Special event insurance

Liquor liability holds the host responsible for bodily injury or property damage resulting from intoxication. Commercial General Liability can cover Liquor Liability Insurance with special and private event insurance.

  1. Monitoring liquor consumption

Hosts should keep an eye out to make sure that intoxicated employees stop being served. Think about hiring a professional bartender to serve the drinks, and give them explicit instructions to stop service if they suspect anyone is intoxicated. Hiring caterers and servers puts the responsibility of monitoring alcohol consumption in the hands of professionals, and demonstrates forethought and responsible planning on the part of the business.

  1. Providing Transportation

Preparing ride shares, taxis, or Uber to ensure employees don’t have to drive home from office events will help keep them safe and protect your company from liability. Check to see what designated driver programs are available in your state. Many of these programs will drive employees home in their own car, giving them less reason to drive home themselves. Plan ahead! Some programs require advanced reservations, and in the busy holiday season availability of taxis and other services may be limited. As well, door prizes and special gifts can be used to incentivize employees to be designated drivers.

If you are serving libations at your office celebrations it’s important to be protected. For all the preparations you make the only way to make sure your business is protected is through Liquor  Liability Insurance. A simple, efficient, and effective insurance plan is the best way to ensure your business is covered. Contact us for peace of mind and have a fun, safe, holiday party this year.