How to Manage Small Business Social Media & Operations Efficiently

Manage Small Business

With only a few exceptions, most businesses that hope to survive and thrive in a 21st-century marketplace pursue both a website and a social media presence. But as many businesses have learned in recent years, properly managing social media, in particular, can be a hassle. Increasingly, many businesses are turning to hiring social media managers as a full-time position, to some success.

But as USA Today’s Rhonda Abrams notes, there are some ways your small business can maximize your potential on social media, while a number of uses might do far more harm than anything else. As Abrams points out, you do want to “[e]ngage with others who might repost your content,” but you’ll probably want to avoid responding to every comment, and certainly make sure to avoid confrontations.

Does it really matter, however? Almost certainly. For all intents and purposes, social media is free exposure and, done well, you can build a brand and drive sales with little cost (unless you do hire a social media manager). Yet making sure you go digital in the right locations will be the most important means to success.

Going digital with your business ultimately helps you cut down on the time it takes to actually build your brand name. Word of mouth can be far more difficult and costly when going through more traditional means. A digital presence, however, which includes social media and a well-developed website, quickens the process.

Don’t just sign up to every social media website, however. Consider the following:

  • Is your business photogenic? If so, consider Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook
  • Is your business constantly developing new initiatives? Consider LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Does your business provide unique services and deals? Consider Twitter and Facebook

A good social media presence helps your business save time and increases revenue. When done well it also frees you up to take care of more important matters, including staying on top of insurance needs. Just avoid investing too much time in any one service, and especially in services that don’t fit well with your business model. You’ll quickly find your reception is less than desired, while you’re eating away far too much time and money trying to make it work.