More Rain. How is the US Open Protected?

Weather in Flushing determines whether we’ll be enjoying a pleasant afternoon of matches or reliving a tennis nightmare. Once again we find ourselves waiting for The Match to begin, looking at the scattered clouds as they give us a slim chance to see Federer win its 6th US Open Title 

us rain

Well, not only the players and fans are the only ones affected by the inclement weather. The US Open is owned and organized by the United States Tennis Association (USTA), a Non-For-Profit Organization, and as the final responsible to make the tournament a success, it must ensure all goes well. So when ensuring that fans, premises and even the commercial activity taken place within Flushing-Meadows the USTA takes the right measures to ensure everyone is insured.

* Ticket holders are entitled to the Inclement Weather Policy in case a US Open session is cancelled, tickets can be for either this year’s US Open (2015), if applicable, or next year’s US Open.

* The main premises of the tournament are generally insured following the commercial property insurance guideline to protect them from such perils as fire, infrastructure destruction and natural disaster.

* Like in most major events and entertainment hotspots, the US Open serves some of the best alcoholic cocktails. This year Gray Goose Vodka has sponsored the event. But what happens if drinking gets out of hand? The businesses that sell within the premises may be held liable for the actions of intoxicated customers. To prevent this the USTA works together with the providers to limit the risk of liability, protecting business with a suitable liquor liability insurance policy

The specifics of your coverage depend on your profession, but even the USTA as a Non-Profit needs to ensure that it has the right coverage. You can’t control the rain but you certainly can prepare for it.  CoverWallet has the right intelligence to give you an assessment on what you need in each specific industry, so you can minimize your exposure with personalized insurance protection. We’ll walk you through it and get your free quotes, with no commitment to buy.