4 Types of Insurance to Protect Your Business From Beyonce

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last week, you know that Beyonce took the internet by storm by dropping a visual record entitled Lemonade.

Hashtags were flying, it was hard to ignore. So, the CoverWallet team gave in. We watched Beyonce’s visual masterpiece. It made us feel things, real things and it made us think things, risk management things because let’s be real, we’re insurance people, and that’s what we do.

Really, what would you do if Beyonce was your employee? How could you possibly protect yourself and your business from all of that fierceness?

3 Tips to Protect Your Business From a Natural Disaster


It’s no secret that we all have a love / hate relationship with Mother Nature. Our feelings change depending on the conditions, the day, and the way we’re feeling. However, there is something that everyone can agree on: A natural disaster could threaten the livelihood of a business.

From tornadoes to hurricanes to fires, there are few things a business can do to stop the forces of nature from interrupting their business. Though this is true, it is still crucial that both you and your business are prepared.

6 Celebs That Love Insurance

6 Celebs that Love Insurance

When most of us think about starting and insuring a business, we’re thinking about our employees, our property, and even our data. However, many celebrities are taking insurance one step further, because their body is their business, and therefore it must be protected.

What is a Dram Shop?


If you’re a bar or restaurant owner, you’re privy to the term dram shop, but if you’re just thinking about starting up a business that serves libations, you may have never heard this term before.

A dram shop simply refers to an establishment that sells or serves alcohol. As most alcohol-serving companies know, many things can go wrong when selling alcohol to patrons.

A patron may drink too much and start a fight or drive drunk and get into an accident. That is why most states have dram shop laws in place. 

Intro to Small Business Loans


Getting your first loan is a milestone in the life of your small business. From making the choice to seek financing to putting together a small business loan application, you’re learning and growing as a small business owner.

Applying for a small business loan can also be stressful. It takes wisdom and foresight. However, If you prepare yourself before beginning the application process, you’ll reduce your stress levels dramatically.  In this article, we’ll show you what you need to know so you can get the best small business loan offer.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Food Truck Insurance

Insurance for Food Trucks
In recent years the food truck industry has been booming. Food trucks are lining up to serve hungry customers in cities across the U.S. At this point, we might go so far as to say that food trucks are the new restaurants and if you’re a chef or a foodie ­­ you might be thinking about getting in on the growing appetite for the deliciousness and convenience that food trucks serve. Starting your own food truck is a rewarding and liberating experience with much less overhead than a traditional restaurant. But, before you start outfitting your new truck (or old mini van) there are a few important things to keep in mind before you start serving.

Restaurant to re-open after a fire thanks to their insurance

A fire that caused significant damage to a Mom and Pop-type business is an unfortunate reminder of the importance of insurance for restaurants. According to Harrisburg-area news site PennLive.com, the Keystone Restaurant on North Third Street went up in smoke at about 5:30 p.m. Luckily, firefighters were able to contain the blaze to the kitchen, but not before the entire place suffered significant smoke damage

What insurance do startups need?

There are many different types of startups, but no matter what you do it is very likely you will be needing some sort of insurance. It is also true, that the insurance you need largely depends on your size. After all, a recently founded startup still working its way out of a garage its not the same as  a newly born unicorn looking to make the front page of the Financial Times.

Read on for an overview of what you might need or visit www.coverwallet.com to get personalized advice