Recap: A Big Week in Insurance


Phew! Let’s talk about this week. In the last few days, we’ve seen a hurricane, a jewel heist and a conference focused on the future of insurance.

In case you missed it, we’ve summed up the most important moments in insurance this week right here for you. Let’s jump right in:

Hurricane Matthew:


Hurricane Matthew sent 2 million people packing from their homes earlier this week and even managed to close down Disney, which has only closed four times since opening its doors in 1971. Other businesses in the most Matthew-prone areas have also closed-up shop, waiting for the storm to pass to reopen their doors to customers.

So far, according to Time, insurance companies are estimating that we’ll see $30 billion worth of claims in the storm’s aftermath. If they’re right, this storm could be the 2nd most expensive hurricane in US history, right behind 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed much of New Orleans.

Kim Kardashian:


Kim Kardashian is known as one of the most dramatic people on the planet, but this week, she actually had something to cry about. Reportedly, Kardashian was held at gunpoint, had her hands and feet bound, and was put into a bathtub as $5.6 million worth of jewelry, including her engagement ring, was stolen from her Paris apartment.

The gold, silver, and platinum lining is that her sparkles were properly insured. Good going, Kim.

InsureTech Connect:


On a much brighter note, InsureTech Connect brought 1,500 folks from all over the industry together to talk about insurance. The conference largely focused on how insurance will transform in the coming years.

Our COO, Rashmi, spoke on a panel with other insurtech execs on the strides being made in the commercial sector of insurance. Other talks focused on the customer, emerging technologies and women in insurance.

That’s it for the news this week; we’ll be back next week with tips, tricks, and insurance news to keep you in the know and on top of your game.

Think we missed something? Let us know in the comments below. Oh and have a great weekend.