It could happen in your restaurant: Bouchard’s slip and fall

The 21-year-old Canadian, ranked top 30 in the world, slipped in her locker room at the US Open this year and missed the tournament because of the injury.


Yesterday Wednesday (Oct 14th), Eugenie filed a legal action against the USTA. Eugenie withdrew from the tournament because of the concussion. She I suffered a head injury in a fall behind the scenes after playing mixed doubles late in the day.

The lawsuit says she continues to suffer pain as a consequence of the fall, resulting in medical costs, a loss of income and affecting her quality of life.

If the USTA association has the right insurance, it will cover the legal costs and Bouchard’s settlement.


Slip and fall in restaurants

The same type of protection is needed in a restaurant. For example, last month Tori Spelling filed a lawsuit against Benihana Restaurant after a slip and fall accident.


Slip and falls is a term used for personal injury cases when a person trips, slips, and falls which results in an injury on a property or business. It’s a type of risk category called premises liability. To learn who is liable for a slip and fall in a restaurant a number of factors must be considered: What caused the fall?  Where did the slip and fall occur?

Hazardous conditions are the leading cause of slip and fall accidents in restaurants.  Some examples of hazardous conditions are:

  • Poor lighting
  • Wet floor
  • Changes in flooring
  • Torn carpet

It is the responsibility of the business owner to keep the business under the right condition. Otherwise, if a slip and fall occurs, the injured person has the right to sue the business owner, in the same way Eugenie is suing the USTA and Tori is suing Benihana.

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