Slam Dunk: Insurance for Athletes

Insurance for Athletes

Getting your body parts insured is not a new concept. There are plenty of celebrities out there getting the parts that made them famous protected, but what about athletes?

In many ways, it makes more sense for athletes to get their precious body parts insured, as they truly need them to do their job. For instance, a pitcher couldn’t throw if an injury took their game-winning shoulder.

Most of you are probably thinking that the insuring of body parts starts when a star athlete gets moved up to the pros, but that isn’t the case. In fact, in 1990, the NCAA created the Exceptional Student-Athlete Disability Insurance program, which has recently been expanded to cover both male and female athletes that have the most financial revenue to lose.

Once an athlete makes it to the big leagues, however, they insure body parts that they need to play and body parts that they need to build a brand.

With baseball season just starting up, the NBA finals around the corner, and the NFL draft just behind us, we thought it would be appropriate to highlight some of our most beloved athlete-insured body parts. Check it:

stockmen                     SOURCE:
Name: Troy Polamalu
Insured Body Part: Hair
For: $1,000,000
Strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, decided to insure his hair over his arms and legs. He truly proves that sometimes it really is all about your brand.

stockmen                      SOURCE:
Name: Takeru Kobayashi
Insured Body Part: Stomach
For: 100,000+
The man who put eating on the map as a full-fledged sport is said to have an insurance policy on his stomach. Kobayashi himself denies these rumors, but we wouldn’t be shocked if it were true. Dude eats a lot of hotdogs. A lot.

stockmen (1)                      SOURCE: USA TODAY
Name: David Beckham
Insured Body Part: Legs
For: $195,000,000
David Beckham has proved that he has legs for days, but with his $195,000,000 insurance policy, he’ll have legs for years to come.

stockmen (2)                      SOURCE: CBS SPORTS
Name: Sam Bradford
Insured Body Part: The whole darn thing
For: $10,000,000
Back in his college days, at Oklahoma, Sam Bradford took out an insurance policy out on his entire body in the event that something prevented him from making it to the NFL. Too bad he didn’t extend that policy when he finally made it, as Bradford ended up tearing his ACL, twice. Don’t worry; he’s back in the game now and hopefully reconsidering that insurance policy.

stockmen (3)                      SOURCE:
Name: Nerlens Noel
Insured Body Part: The whole darn thing
For: $10,000,000
Noel got lucky in Kentucky when he tore his ACL, well lucky in that he had an insurance policy. Fortunately for him, his talent still got him drafted in the first round of the NBA draft. He now plays for the Philadelphia 76ers.

These aren’t the only sports stars with insurance policies, so leave your favorites in the comments. Game on.


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