SlipShare Q&A: Customer Insurance Journeys

Client Q&A With Homer Logistics

Hearing and sharing customer stories is an important part of what we do at CoverWallet. It helps us be our best, and highlights why continue innovating to make it simple for small business owners to manage their insurance.

We also think it’s important for entrepreneurs to get a better understanding of the insurance difficulties other business have faced, and how these challenges were overcome.

When we met Paul Norton, founder of SlipShare, we knew we needed to share and tell his story. He was gracious enough to sit down with us and walk us through his journey.

CW: What does SlipShare do?

PN: SlipShare is an app that allows boaters to locate a slip or mooring for the night and book it instantly. We have thousands of marinas listed and provide contact information for those marinas who do not yet work with us. Our goal is to be the fastest way for a boater to locate and book a slip which becomes very important if the weather changes or if a passenger gets sick while onboard.

CW: How did you get started with SlipShare? How has the business changed and developed?

PN: We are boaters, so we knew the pain point we wanted to address with our app, having lived it for many years. When we entered into and won a StartUp weekend in Stamford, CT it gave us the push we needed to go full on with it. Like most companies, we have had a few small pivots along the way, but, luckily, the solution and execution have stayed consistent.

CW: What risks come with your business? What coverage did you need to address these risks?

PN: For every startup, getting the word out and getting people engaged is an early challenge. To address it, we decided to exhibit at the major boat shows along the east coast, as a way of introducing the product and engaging boaters. It has worked out better than we ever expected. However, being an exhibitor requires coverage and certificates of insurance, as you need to show proof of coverage naming the shows as additional insureds.

CW: What was your experience like trying to get insurance? Where did you start your search? Were there specific questions you wanted answered?

PN: I reached out to our insurance provider at the time and they did not have the coverage we needed, so I did what we all do these days and searched online for someone who did. That’s how I found CoverWallet, who was very helpful in getting us the coverage we needed.

CW: How was CoverWallet helpful in getting you insurance?

We were under some time pressure and CoverWallet was able to get us the insurance we needed quickly at a very reasonable cost. When we need additional certificates, we reach out and have them in a day. As a startup it is great to work with a company who understood our needs and will do everything they can to help us.

We want to thank Paul and his team at SlipShare for taking the time out to chat with us.

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