Small Business Story: Spiritual Journey’s Challenges in Driving Business

The CoverWallet Small Business Scholarship encourages entrepreneurship in students by asking them to take on the perspective of a local small business owner. Students share their perspective on the opportunities and challenges faced by a business in their community.

Student: Megan Levenberg, Palm Beach State College, Boca Raton Campus

Small Business: Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey

In Coral Springs, Florida there is a tiny little store tucked away on the outskirts of town. This store is a true hidden gem and I absolutely adore every moment I spend there. This store is called “Spiritual Journey”. Spiritual Journey is a metaphysical supply store, but it is also so much more than that. The two ladies that run the place, Carole and Barbara, are some of the sweetest, most kind-hearted women I have ever known. Their mission statement is as follows:

“Spiritual Journey is dedicated to teach with compassion and integrity for all who want to connect with a higher power. We work by developing workshops for all individuals who are willing to seek the answers that lie within oneself.”

This business embodies their mission statement and goes above and beyond to provide a loving and peaceful environment for their customers. They are passionate about what they do, and always take the time to listen to their customer’s needs in order to provide excellent service. I am in recovery from addiction and alcoholism, and a huge part of the 12 step program I am in is finding a higher power and focusing on spirituality. The first time I entered Spiritual Journey I was greeted with sincere kindness and love. Barbara and Carole were both working that day and took the time to listen to my story and genuinely seemed proud of me and willing to support me however they could. I love healing crystals and the beliefs of ancient Celtic and Native American cultures. This business provides me with incredible quality products like candles, crystals, and sage at an amazing cost. The few times that they didn’t have what I was looking for they immediately got on the computer and started looking into ordering some for me and educating themselves on it. Not only do they provide metaphysical supplies, but there are classes and workshops as well. Some of their events are free because they truly love educating and helping people to develop new skills. Carole and Barbara also support local artists, and sell handmade jewelry and figurines. The second I enter the store I always feel as if my stress and anxiety wash away and I am filled with serenity. It is always very clean and organized, and you can just tell that the store is an extension of their souls. It is obvious that they love what they do, and it shows in how well run the shop is. I personally feel that when I enter chain stores there is no compassion or true customer care, but more that they just want people to spend money and leave. Barb and Carole take the time to get to know their customers, and they never mind if you just come in to browse and appreciate the environment.

Unfortunately, metaphysical supplies and spiritual stores are not in high demand; especially not in my area. Where I live is a primarily Christian environment, so the residents of the town tend to judge the belief of spirituality over organized religion. This causes Spiritual Journey to not have a large customer base, and they primarily rely on customers from other areas and a few regulars from around town. As I previously mentioned, their store is tucked away on the outskirts of town. It is in a small shopping center on a side road that is constantly under a ton of construction. It is hard to see, and it took me ages to even realize it was there. The shop is very small, which is nice but makes it difficult to notice. Because of its location it misses out on a lot of possible sales from people driving by and becoming curious as to what is inside. Another problem they face is that many people who purchase a lot of metaphysical supplies turn to the internet to purchase products because it is typically a much lower price and you can find just about anything with a few clicks of a button. I personally dislike buying things off the internet as you can’t look at things in person and get a sense of the quality before spending your money. The few times I have tried to order crystals and sage online they have come chipped and damaged, and were not very good quality. Spiritual stores such as Spiritual Journey have such a lucrative customer base as it is such specific products and services they provide.

Carole and Barbara deserve far more recognition than they receive. I rave about the store to all of my friends, and always let people know when events are coming up. I truly hope that, despite the struggles they face to remain in business, Spiritual Journey always remains open to the public. This store is a sanctuary tucked away in a modern and hectic world. Many of my purchases there help me to do school work in a positive and relaxing environment; which I firmly believe is a big contributor to my 4.0 GPA. No matter if I win this scholarship or not, I hope maybe I will have spread the word about Spiritual Journey just a little. If you ever happen to be in the area I urge you to take some time to visit them and experience the magic inside. Spiritual Journey embraces and embodies what small businesses should be. I just hope that Corporate America and the internet do not manage to destroy small businesses around the world, and especially not Spiritual Journey.