Small Business Story: The Scratch Sandwich Company’s Potential for Greatness

The CoverWallet Small Business Scholarship encourages entrepreneurship in students by asking them to take on the perspective of a local small business owner. Students share their perspective on the opportunities and challenges faced by a business in their community.

Student: Nicole Cabral, New England College of Business and Finance

Small Business: Scratch Sandwich Company

Scratch Sandwich Company

Not too long ago there was a small pastry shop here in Laredo, Texas that closed down. The owners ran the shop on their own and due to their age, they could no longer care for it. Their children went on to different things and ultimately they closed the shop down after years of service. It’s unfortunate that years of hard work simply ended overnight. What if there was a “no worries” package that would take the load off the owner? Then the small pastry shop would have never closed.

One of the greatest features here in Laredo is the number of small businesses the city has to offer. From medical practices to taco stands, the community is very involved in their success. But with great success comes responsibility. A growing market may mean small businesses will now need to adapt to better work practices. This includes having a competent team to back up the business.

My favorite small business is a sandwich company called Scratch. In the last year, they have doubled in size. The owner is very much involved in the business. I did work there for a very short period of time, which allowed me to experience their work dynamic. I believe the company has an extraordinary amount of potential to become a franchise. Unfortunately, there is no management position which would allow that.

The owner is the manager, making it difficult for him to step away from his business. By introducing a new bracket within the management chain, this would allow him to focus on new expansions. I believe being able to break away from the business is a struggle that all small business owners face. It’s understandable when trust is a major factor.

When it comes to hiring someone that will inevitability be in charge of a whole business, it’s not so simple to just hire anyone. A manager’s responsibilities include financial wellbeing of the business, along with supervising other employees and ensuring quality care for its customers. Not to mention the cost of training. Small business owners can’t afford to keep hiring and training low retention managers.

With all this responsibility, the owner of Scratch will never be able to expand his business. The question is, what does he do? Will he forever have to run his own business knowing he will never take a break or vacation? Is there a “no worries” package out there that takes all the pressure off the owners?