5 Crucial Things to Consider When Designing a Logo

Design a logo
They always say that for every business to become successful, business owners must fully recognize the brand and create a long-lasting impression. But with so many companies vying for consumer’s attention, getting your business stand out is challenging.

In this day and age, everything is visual. People judge things according to what they see and what they perceive. The exterior of your office, the furniture inside your shop, the way you dress in front of your clients, and, importantly, the image that personifies your company – your logo.

Here are 5 tips you need to keep in mind when designing a logo.

1. Make sure that it represents your company

Your logo should serve as the visual depiction of your business. Does it help represent your mission, vision, values, products, and services? It should communicate with your target audience in a clear, concise, and powerful manner. By merely looking at your logo, people should quickly associate it with your brand message and personality. Make sure that it captures the heart and soul of your company.


2. Do your research and check out other logos

Be sure to examine your competitors’ logos. Don’t do this to copy, but rather to check what kind of design, scheme and layout they have. It is not a good idea to check your logo based on your competitors’ concepts. You should show customers that you are unique and different. Plus, being too close to your competitors’ could be detrimental, and get you into legal trouble.

check out other logos


3. Follow the five golden principles of logo design

When designing a logo, always follow the 5 golden principles to guarantee a successful outcome. It should be


Use these five design principles as the core foundation and basis of your logo. Each element should be present and creatively done in a balanced and harmonious technique.

Principles of logo design


4. Choose the right colors and typography options

It’s fun to play with shades, fonts, shapes and icons, but using all the colors of the rainbow and adding too many elements would lead to a disaster. Pick colors based on the nature of your business and remember that certain tones trigger human emotions. Here are some examples in the table below:

Color Association Example industry
Red Passion, love, fear, strength Fitness, retail, travel
Yellow Generosity, youth, sunshine Travel, heating, pool services
Green Ecological, sustainability, earth Education, agriculture
Orange Energy, honesty, invigoration Construction, lawn Service
Blue Trust, knowledge, security Finance, health, real estate

When it comes to font and layout, it should be easy to read with proper size and well-distributed spacing.

5. Think different, be unique, and make it exceptional

Your logo should differentiate your business from others, so make it highly recognizable while maintaining the greatest minimalism. An exceptional logo should speak to the minds of the audience directly without confusion. Be mindful that less is often more, and this image will carry your brand forever so it must be adaptable to changes as your company grows.

It might be small in size but your logo tells everything about your brand. That is why designing it should be considered not just important, but crucial. Some of the world’s best brands happen to have some of the most amazing logos, and making one for your small business is achievable with proper planning and implementation.