Foundational Tools To Jumpstart Your Small Business!


Starting any business can seem daunting. There are many decisions to be made and sometimes it is difficult to prioritize where to start and what tools can be of most use to you as you are laying the foundation for your company. There is an overwhelming number of applications and tools to sift through in the search for that perfect fit in your pursuit of growth, revenue, or creation of a new product.

We at CoverWallet wanted to take a moment away from our regularly scheduled programming to offer our recommendations on a few products that not only helped us get off the ground but helped take us to the next level.

Pivotal Tracker (Workflow Management): In our beginning stages, it was crucial that we remained organized. With so many ideas and projects happening at once, we ran into issues staying aligned on each project’s progress. From a technical standpoint, we wanted to track each minor deliverable so that no major issues would arise! To avert this risk, we chose Pivotal Tracker as our workflow solution and it made a strong and immediate impact on CoverWallet’s growth. An online task management platform, Pivotal Tracker allowed our teams to collaborate on and prioritize the workflows of multiple projects regardless of location or time. Whether creating one-off projects or simply updating tasks that have been completed, Pivotal Tracker has been an asset to our firm.  

Justworks (Payroll, HR, Benefits & Compliance): Once we had our organization and project management tools in place, it was time to attract a team that was going to turn this “idea” into a business. With that said, we still wanted to run “lean” and focus on the business, not on everything else!  We needed to hire, onboard, and pay talented people for this team in the most efficient manner possible. Instead of extending this process by searching for one person to take on this burdensome job, we signed up for JustWorks, an online platform that manages everything from payroll to benefits. Through JustWorks’ platform, our employees independently manage their time off, benefits, and direct deposit, without any excess paperwork.

QuickBooks (Accounting/Invoicing): We had plans, we had employees, and finally, we had customers. Everything a business needs! While this may sound like a dream fulfilled, we found we were spending an inordinate amount of time on invoicing and accounting. As a startup, we were wary of spending our limited resources on back-office tasks rather than improving our product and creating a better experience for you, the customer! Our solution to this “chore” was to employ QuickBooks on our side to be the in-house accounting expert. QuickBooks enabled us to keep our financial life organized in one place, create and send invoices and track everything in between. Also, with this platform, we were able to visualize the health of our business in real time and drive revenue where it mattered. QuickBooks allowed us to focus on building a better product and drive growth more quickly!

CoverWallet (Insurance): Finally, if we may take a moment to toot our own proverbial horn, there is a platform that, while not available to us as we grew, is available to you to take another major entrepreneurial stress off of your plate. We just so happen to use it now as well. Insurance is a topic that sparks dread in most small business owners. We’ve built our platform to help ease the burden and reorient insurance so that it works for you! CoverWallet was designed as an online insurance platform to empower our users and provide them the easiest way to understand, buy and manage all things insurance, all in one place! Whether you fill out our online application for a quick quote or want to keep your insurance life organized online, our platform allows you to accomplish these with ease. You can track your quotes, policies and even certificates of insurance. Even better, since our platform is based in the cloud, when you do need these documents, you have immediate access! It’s a great way to make sure your business and your vision are covered at all times.

At CoverWallet, we are always keeping our eyes on the perils and potential pitfalls facing small business. We’ve undergone a lot of growth since we’ve started but it took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears! Hopefully, these select tools can help you figure out the tools that might be of use to you as you are getting your business up and running! We still use these tools every single day. We hope that our experience and platform help you on the path to organizational growth!