US Castings: Small Business Journey & Insurance

US Castings Insurance

Gathering data and learnings from others in order to improve is of particular importance for us at CoverWallet. The best way to create outstanding experiences for our clients and partners is to gather research and continuously iterate, and CoverWallet takes pride in delivering exceptional insurance for businesses nationwide.

We had the opportunity to speak with Lauren Asher, the operations manager at US Castings. She gave us great insights into how US Castings was started, how the company has evolved, and their experience of finding insurance.

CW: Tell us about US Castings. How is it unique?

LA: US Castings is a metal casting and engineering design company. We bring years of experience and a plethora of knowledge to a wide variety of industries.  We seek to redefine value-engineering and set the expectation for customer service in the casting industry. In addition, we aspire to provide better-quality, longer-lasting parts for a comparable or better price than is currently available. The core philosophy of the company is reflected in the sales, design, and development teams we’ve built, and continue to expand, which are led by some of the most highly qualified engineers in the castings and industrial sales arena.

CW: What drove you to start your business?

LA: US Castings was founded in 2014 by a small group of entrepreneurial investors and engineers with more than 30 years of experience in the casting industry. This group recognized that U.S. businesses had a growing need for a casting service that could bridge the gap between top tier engineering knowledge and state-of-the-art domestic and offshore production capabilities. In seeking to fill this need, they combined their expertise in engineering knowledge with outstanding domestic and offshore production capabilities. To respond to this growing need, US Castings has brought together outstanding talent in casting, engineering, and logistics support to provide innovative value-engineering solutions. Utilizing a network of domestic and offshore foundry capabilities, we can now provide customers with outstanding sourcing solutions in a cost-friendly manner.

CW: What risks or situations does your business face that caused you to look for insurance?

LA: In order to be considered for a US government agency bid proposal, it became necessary to obtain general liability insurance that would protect and provide adequate protection in the case of any unforeseen circumstances.  In so doing, we realized that as we grow in volume, so does our exposure as a company.  

CW: How did you find CoverWallet?

LA: We found CoverWallet while searching the web for General Liability Insurance.  It was a daunting experience to say the least. Many agents or brokers either provided quotes that were quadruple the cost of what CoverWallet offered to us (for the same or lesser coverage), or we contacted companies that never responded with a quote or even a follow up phone call to say, “thank you but no thank you”!

CW: Does your business have certain partnerships or situations in which you need Certificates of Insurance?

LA: Our company has the potential to require Certificates of Insurance to be provided to our customer(s) based on the parameters of the project.

CW: Do you see upcoming changes to your business or new growth scenarios that will change your coverage needs?

LA: As our company grows, our insurance needs may correspond to that upward change. However, our current coverage went over what our initial target coverage amount was so for the time being we feel that our coverage is sufficient.

CW: What advice would you give to other businesses looking for insurance?

LA: I would strongly suggest to other small businesses starting out in the research process of finding appropriate insurance coverage to shop around.  There is such a wide range of premium pricing that is being offered and required upfront information among the different agents / brokers / insurance companies.  Finding someone that will fully understand what exactly your company does and its related liability is tantamount to getting the correct business classification and ultimately the most cost appropriate policy.

At CoverWallet we continue to put customers like US Castings first. We’d like to send out our gratitude to Lauren Asher for speaking with us so that we can continue this amazing journey with US Castings and other small businesses.