How does rain affect your US Open tickets?

Rain at the US Open is an annoyance to players, fans and the organizers.  But what’s more, it can also be a financial loss for you – the ticket-holder. What happens if you bought tickets and the game gets cancelled?

Well, it depends.  The options available depend on the match you plan to attend and whether purchased added Rain Out Insurance.

For matches in the final stages (after session #20 – 9/9/2015 Evening Session) the tournament will honor tickets at the rescheduled session. Ticket holders should go to for information regarding all rescheduling decisions.

For matches in the early stages, (before session #20 – 9/9/2015 Evening Session) there is an option to purchase Rain Out Insurance for usually about 15% of the ticket purchase price.

If you have Rain Out Insurance and the US Open cancels your session, tickets can typically be returned and you will receive a refund, less the cost of the Rain Out Insurance.

If you do not have Rain Out Insurance, you can typically exchange your tickets for another session through session #20 (9/9/2015 Evening Session), based on availability and your schedule.