Welcome VP of Product Aman Khaira

Welcome VP of ProductAman Khaira (1)

At CoverWallet, we’ve spent a good amount of time recruiting and hiring our dream team. We’re always looking for and hiring intelligent, positive, hard-working, go-getters, like Aman Khaira, our VP of Product.

Aman only joined us in May, but he’s already made a huge impact on our product and the way our team approaches design, analytics, development, and prioritization.

The scoop:

Before joining us at CoverWallet, Aman worked as Director of Product at American Express, for five years, where he helped launch Apple Pay and Android Pay. While at Amex, he received both the Chairman’s Award and the President’s Achievement Award for Outstanding Performance.

Prior to that Aman was a Management Consultant at Bain, one of the world’s most recognized consulting firms.

Aman got his Masters in Computer Science from Cornell. He also has an MBA from Harvard Business School (NBD).

Q+A with Aman:
We thought it would be fun to sit down with Aman and get a little more insight into what he’ll be doing for CoverWallet and into the person he is. We learned a lot, now it’s your turn: 

What attracts you to insurtech? What is the biggest opportunity?

I think the opportunity is what attracted me to insurtech. A chance to redefine an entire industry that’s stuck in the 80s and bring it into the 21st century. CoverWallet is one of the first players, and the industry hasn’t been truly disrupted yet–so there’s plenty of room for a lot of players to succeed.

What will you be tackling at CoverWallet?

At a high level, my job is to define and implement our product vision and roadmap. I’ll be leading the design, analytics, development and implementation of all of our technical products, including the customer facing website, mobile apps and internal tools, such as our AMS (Agency Management System).

Since you’re the VP of Product, what products inspire you?

I like products that simplify a customer’s life via automation, which is exactly what we want to do for our CoverWallet customers.

There are so many products out there that I love, but I’ll keep it brief and break it up:

Mint.com– It automatically pulls in all of my financial data and keeps it in one place. That allows me to get a sense of my financials at a glance.
Wealthfront.com– This robo-advisor automatically rebalances my portfolio on a regular basis at a fraction of the cost for a human, financial advisor.

Roomba – The robot vacuum cleaner that saves me hours every week.
Wabi Bottle Sterilizer– This product sterilizes and dries baby bottles. Most sterilizers leave the bottles wet, but this one doesn’t and it saves my wife and me so much time by cleaning AND sterilizing at the press of a button.

What do you do outside of work?

I love spending time with my daughter, playing squash and watching Game of Thrones. One of the characters (Arya Stark) was the inspiration behind my daughter’s name (Aaria who is pictured below).

image2If you could only eat one fast food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Pepperoni Pizza from (almost) anywhere.

What is your spirit animal?

A horse because they are noble, faithful and strong.

We’re so excited to have Aman onboard! Be on the look for more hiring updates.

Want to build something awesome with Aman? We’re hiring a Ruby on Rails Developer in our Madrid Office. Find out more here.